Job Details

Research Assistant for CADD

The Research Center for Computer-Aided Drug Discovery (CADD) was founded jointly by Prof. Shuguang Yuan and Prof. Horst Vogel in 2019.The CADD research center combines computational biology, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, biotechnology and others subjects together, aiming at building up a complete pipeline to advance modern new drug discovery and drug design in an ultimately efficient way. The members of CADD research center advanced two "first-in-class" drug molecules into clinical trial via computational methods within three years, of which the world-wide patents were granted. Moreover, the members of CADD research center also invented a series of important biotechnology. In the future, the CADD research center will establish an international outstanding team to make milestones in the areas of both drug discovery and biotechnology.

Job Description

  1. The candidate should hold Master degree or above (if you have relevant experience, it can be waived);
  2. The candidate should have relevant work experience in administration department, human resource department, financial department and was succeed in applying for government project as well as project management, etc., biology, chemistry background is preferred, university/scientific research institution work experience is preferred;
  3. The candidate should have possessed good reading writing skills in Chinese and English, and should be proficient in Microsoft Office software;
  4. The candidate should be good in oral English, since the international working environment; overseas work/study background is preferred;
  5. The candidate should be a team player, and have managing and leading skills, since he/she will be assigned to organize some events or activities;
  6. The candidate should have strong learning ability and be able to independently complete the work related to scientific research management in the institute;
  7. The candidate should know analytical thinking; have strong innovation, expression and execution ability; optimistic, proactive, honest and responsible.


  • Salary: can be discussed
  • Full payment of social security insurances and housing fund insurance
  • Meal subsidy
  • Annual physical examination
  • Annual bonus
  • 10+ days paid annual leave

Contact info:

  • Please send your resume and support documents to email: with the name of position+your name+school
  • If you have any question, feel free to contact Mr.Chen via phone number 0755-86392634 or email