About CADD

Our Mission

We are aiming at making breakthroughs in both new drug discovery and biotechnology.

Our Vision

We bring front-ended research to industrial translation.


We are the research center for computer aided in drug discovery

About Research Center

The Research Center for Computer-Aided Drug Discovery (CADD) was founded jointly by Prof. Shuguang Yuan and Prof. Horst Vogel in 2019

The CADD research center combines computational biology, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, biotechnology and others subjects together, aiming at building up a complete pipeline to advance modern new drug discovery and drug design in an ultimately efficient way. The members of CADD research center advanced two "first-in-class" drug molecules into clinical trial via computational methods within three years, of which the world-wide patents were granted. Moreover, the members of CADD research center also invented a series of important biotechnology. In the future, the CADD research center will establish an international outstanding team to make milestones in the areas of both drug discovery and biotechnology.

Committed to


We are making innovations to
New Drug Discovery


Our Experienced

Shuguang Yuan

Director/Research Professor

Horst Vogel

Chief Scientist

Shouguo Wang

Research Professor

Qiuliyang Yu

Research Professor

Hongchun Li

Research associate Professor

Stephen Chan

Research associate Professor